We Purchase Seller Financed Business Notes

At Cenric Group Inc, we purchase Seller Carry-Back Private Business Notes. Seller Carry-Back Business Notes are promissory notes held by the seller of a business and payable by a new owner. Often, such notes are the result of one business partner buying out another. Our expert contract buyers can provide holders of Carry-Back Business Notes secured by the assets of a business and the personal guarantee of the owner with Lump Sum Cash which can be used for…

Attn: Commercial Real Estate Professionals and Business Brokers

Because of the reluctance of commercial banks to finance sales of small businesses, Private Owner Financed Business Notes are widely used and commonplace in such transactions and can often provide the catalyst to get the deal done. Many sellers would prefer not to hold finance paper for lengthy periods of time, however. Before you structure your deal, think of your “exit strategy”. Contact us regarding how to make your seller carry-back business note attractive for resale at a later date if necessary.


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